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       Preparing a Delaware power of attorney has never been easier or less expensive. This kit includes all the legal "fill-in-the-blank" documents you will need to prepare (and eventually revoke) your own Power of Attorney Agreement. With the help of this kit, you can prepare all of the necessary forms in less than 30 minutes, 
and they will be legal and valid in all states. 

   All forms are on download and comes with full instructions, fill out on your computer and print. If you will like to update forms in the future , you can do so without ordering another form. This download  is your to keep forever. Once you use it give it to your wife, husband, kids, brother, sister, cousins, grandparents or anyone and they can use it to. Without a power of attorney the state can make a decision not to your best interest. That's way it's good to have a power of attorney when you can't  make decisions for  yourself.

Why use a Power of Attorney?

        A mother may wish to give her adult son a GENERAL power of attorney, granting him the authority to handle all of her financial affairs. A businessman who is going to be absent from his place of business for an extended period may wish to leave a SPECIAL power of attorney with a trusted employee, to handle his business affairs while he is away.

       The key element in granting a power of attorney is trust. The grantor should have complete faith in the person granted power of attorney, as he or she will have unbridled use of the grantor's assets while in force. Any misuse or embezzlement by the person can be a crime and subject to a civil action for return of assets.

With the use of this Delaware Power of Attorney Kit, you can set up your power of attorney to include (but are not limited to) the following powers: Real estate transactions; Chattel and goods transactions; Bond, share and commodity transactions; Banking transactions; Business operating transactions; Insurance transactions; Claims and litigation; and virtually any other matter for which you require the assistance of your attorney-in-fact.

      The forms for the Power of Attorney are simple to prepare. Just fill in the blanks, sign in front of witnesses and a notary, and the document is immediately legal. Once the completed forms are given to the attorney-in-fact, he or she may make copies to use in the transaction of the grantor's business. Once granted, the power of attorney remains in effect until revoked by the grantor; that is the reason that we have also included in this kit a Revocation of Power of Attorney form. This form is to terminate such power. The grantor simply signs the Revocation of Power of Attorney form in front of witnesses and a notary and delivers it to the attorney-in-fact.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are the legal requirements that make a power of attorney legal and binding?

When does the power of attorney take effect?

Who should act as my power of attorney?

There are only two primary requirements for a power of attorney. One is soundness of mind. The person signing the power of attorney cannot be mentally ill or disabled. In addition, the person must be acting on his or her own free will without undue influence from others. The other requirement is witnesses. In most states, you must have at least two people, not related to you or each other, witness you signing the power of attorney. The power of attorney can take effect as soon as you have the document signed with all appropriate signatures. Alternately, you can specify the power of attorney will not go into effect unless a doctor certifies you have become incapacitated. This is called a “Springing” Power of Attorney. It allows you to keep control over your affairs unless and until you become incapacitated. You can grant any adult the power of attorney. However, the person to whom you grant the power of attorney should be someone you trust completely. The attorney-in-fact must always act in your best interests, maintain accurate records, keep your property separate from his or hers, and avoid conflicts of interest.
You should not assume your spouse will automatically be legally allowed to manage your finances if you are unable to do so without a power of attorney.

My spouse and I would like to create a joint power of attorney. Do you provide this service?

What does “durable” in Durable Power of Attorney mean?

If I have a Will, do I need a power of attorney?

If you wish to create a joint power of attorney you would need a specialized family and estate planning attorney who would draft up a particular document for you. In most cases (even between couples), a power of attorney is drafted for an individual. Most couples who use our service choose to create a second power of attorney for their spouse.

The word “durable” in “Durable Power of Attorney” means that your power of attorney will be considered valid and legal even if you later become incapacitated

A Will determines how your estate should be managed ONLY after your death. A durable power of attorney is needed for circumstances which take place while you are living.

What’s the difference between an Attorney-in-Fact and an Executor?

What is the difference between a Springing Power of Attorney and a Durable Power of Attorney?

Do I have to give my Attorney-in-Fact power over everything?

An attorney-in-fact of a power of attorney makes decisions for you when you are alive. An executor of a last will and testament makes decisions on behalf of your estate after your death.

The difference has to do with when the power of attorney goes into effect. You may choose either (1) that your power of attorney will be effective immediately and will not be affected by any subsequent disability or incapacity (commonly referred to as a Durable Power of Attorney) or (2) that you do not wish to have your power of attorney go into effect until a doctor certifies that you have become incapacitated (what is commonly known as the “Springing” Power of Attorney).

No. You do not have to give your attorney-in-fact power over everything. You can designate specific, limited powers to your attorney-in-fact. These forms will allows you to specify the powers you wish to delegate.



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